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How do you get from where you are, today in your career and residence, to where you want to be tomorrow? Have you highlighted the gap between your current position in your home country and your career aspirations abroad? In short, do you know how to make that dream job your reality?

At MyJobShine, we aim to help you achieve all your career goals by adequately ensuring that you understand your weaknesses and strengths, as well as what you need to do to finally achieve your goals and get where you want to be in life, and in your career.

Our personalized and intuitive gap-analysis-based career Insights visually depicts your strength and weaknesses. By comparing your dream job requirement and your resume, via gap analysis, we arm you with a personalized Insights that helps you take that huge step toward the career you’re after in the U.S.

Get a unique view of career paths people just like you have taken to reach their current destination as successful American professionals. When we combine the required information, a proper highlight of your accomplishments and an idea of what you bring to the table, we can propel you toward attaining your dream job and finally achieving all your career development goals as an American immigrant.

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what degree do i get?
how much does it cost?
how long will it take?
what job fits my personality?

We are committed to ensuring that you know the exact steps to take to get to your end goal – getting that dream job. Make yourself stand out in a crowd of clichés and take advantage of the competitive edge we provide. Get started now!

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