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We believe that one of the best gifts you can give yourself is the passion to do what you love. It’s our onus to help every woman and man fulfill their maximum potential and be recognized for their value.

Meet The Founder

MyJobShine Has Enabled Me

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To challenge my beliefs on success, failure, mistakes, and on the most important things in life. Mopelola Oluwadare

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Our Team

Great People

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Grit – the drive to do the right thing at the right time.
Integrity – the determination to remain true in the face of adversity.
Compassion – a profound respect & love toward those different from you
Sense of Humor –can get you through your lousiest moments. Try it.

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Our Partners

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No Longer An Ocean Away

We partner with employment recruitment agencies worldwide to better prepare new Americans for the job market. Our clients know they are not alone in their journey to career success in the United States. Our partnership with employment agencies in your homeland means building your career begins before and continues after you get to the States.


Global Partners

Are you exploring ways to increase your top line growth?
Are you a reputable employment agency located in Europe, Asia, India, Central and South America?
Are your clients moving to the States in a few months?
Do you believe every woman and man should have the opportunity to work in their dream jobs?
If you answered yes to these questions, let’s discuss a possible partnership with MyJobShine.


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We are pleased to announce MJS’ partnership with BI Solutions, an employment agency in Nigeria. BI Solutions is the primary contact for those residing in several African countries. BI Solutions reviews all potential clients for eligibility. If eligible, clients are scheduled for a consultation
Are you a client residing in Africa?

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