Talents are naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling or behavior that can be productively applied to achieve a nearly-perfect performance of a given activity (Bobkowska,2016). A talented individual who wants to make an outstanding positive impact as a business analyst needs a clear vision for their career path and the means; experience and core competencies, to get there.

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Business Analysts 10-Year Job Outlook

Jobs in the business/management analysis career path are growing faster than the average for all occupations. The demand for business analysis professionals is projected to grow 14% from 2016 to 2026, adding about 115,200 new jobs (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018). Competition for the business analyst role is fierce due to an attractive high earning potential. It is for this reason that U.S. News Money awarded it the 75th position in 2018 best 100 jobs and ranked it #16 in best business jobs. The IIBA, International Institute of Business Analysis, define a business/management analysts as any person who performs business analysis activities, regardless of job title or organizational role. Business analysis is the set of the tool used to define an organization’s capability and goals to deliver products and services to external and internal stakeholders.

Business Analysis: Job Titles & Possible Employers

Business analysts job titles are related to the tasks and the expected products the role deliver. The lists below are examples, and it does not cover all possible jobs. Typical job titles defined by IBM Rational Unified Process (IBM RUP) are:

  • Business architect
  • Business designer
  • Business process analyst
  • Stakeholder and System analyst

Typical job titles as described by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) are:

  • Business analyst
  • Enterprise analyst
  • Systems analyst
  • Management consultant
  • Product owner
  • Product manager

A brief review of jobs posted on Career Builder, a popular job board, exemplified the type of candidate employers are seeking. Listed below is our review of job posts to give you an idea of the type of job candidates employers are looking to hire.

North Texas Specialty Physicians

Seeking a “Business Analyst”
  1. Job Location – Fort Worth, Tx
  2. Salary – $68,000 to $80,000
  3. Experience – ≥ 2 years
  4. Education –  Bachelors in Information Systems, Business Administration, Health Care Informatics
  5. Role Description – Healthcare Information Technology
  6. Top 3 skills needed
    1. Healthcare claims data analysis
    2. Report development tools (g., SQL, SSRS)
    3. Business requirements framing and process improvement

Mattamy Homes

Seeking a “Business Analyst”
  1. Job Location – Orlando, Florida
  2. Salary – not provided
  3. Experience – ≥ 3 years
  4. Education – Bachelors in business administration, computer science
  5. Role Description – Construction, Accounting, Finance
  6. Top 3 skills needed
    1. Home building business functions (g., land acquisition, development, planning, inventory management)
    2. Project management
    3. Financial application software (ERP suites, CRM systems, JD Edwards Enterprise One)

Hunter Technical (IT Staffing and Recruiting Agency)

 Seeking a “Sr. Business Analyst/Project Coordinator” on behalf of a Confidential Client
  1. Job location – Coppell, Texas
  2. Salary – $90,000
  3. Experience – ≥ 5 years
  4. Education – Bachelors in computer science, informatics, or business
  5. Role description – Computer Software Information Technology
  6. Top 3 skills needed
    1. Business analysis (g., requirement definition, build systems solutions, change management)
    2. Software Development (g., life cycle, programming, SQL, Visual Basic, Visio, MS office)
    3. Written & verbal communication, detail oriented and organization skills.

What you Need to Succeed as a Business Analyst

As a professional, you bring with you a variety of skills that translate into the core competencies required for business analysis. These skills are classified by the proficiency levels listed below.

  • Beginner (B)– only has a textbook understanding and needs frequent assistance and works under close supervision.
  • Advanced Beginner (AB) – has limited practical experience and can identify complex issues but with minimal ability to resolve it.
  • Intermediate (I) –has a functional knowledge of business analysis and can resolve complex issues with minimal supervision.
  • Advanced (A) –has an in-depth understanding of business analysis principles to consult or lead others in how and when to apply guidelines.
  • Expert (E) – has an authoritative and in-depth understanding of business analysis; can modify standards and develop new and innovative approaches to deal with atypical situations.

The IIBA has identified several competency indicators that if practiced, could take a business analyst’s career from the beginner level (e.g., Business Analyst I) to Expert (e.g., Business Architect).

Ways to Advance in your Business Analysis Career

Get ahead in your career by gaining skills in the areas listed below. A Business Analyst I, proficiency level might look like this:

  1. Requirements management and communication – Advanced Beginner (AB)
  2. Requirement analysis – Beginner (B)
  3. Solution assessment and validation – Beginner (B)

Get ahead in your career by gaining skills in the six areas listed below. A Sr. Business Analyst proficiency in these six skill areas might look like this:

  1. Business analysis planning and monitoring – Advanced (A)
  2. Elicitation – Intermediate (I)
  3. Enterprise analysis – Intermediate (I)
  4. Requirements management and communication – Advanced (A)
  5. Requirement analysis – Advanced (A)
  6. Solution assessment and validation – Advanced (A)

  Advancing in your career requires an intentional and thoughtful plan that focuses on the six competency areas laid out by the IIBA’s competency model. Other certifying entities’ competency model might be suitable, as long as the intent of the skillsets leads you from your current state to your dream job.

Are You Ready for A Career in Business Analysis?

Table 1: Education – Schools, Majors, and Degrees

Table 2: Education – Typical Certifications

Table 3: Business Analysis Careers and Pay
Management Analysts: Occupational Outlook Handbook: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2018)

Table 4: Business Analyst: High Demand Sectors


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