Accounting Career Path


Accounting & Finance > Accountant | Expected Salary: $236,500
| Current Salary: $159,250
Some Industry Advice

The core competencies that the savvy accountant needs to demonstrate are communications skills, leadership skills, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, anticipating and serving evolving needs, synthesizing intelligence to insight, as well as integration and collaboration.

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Possible Employers for Accountants: KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Deloitte, Ernst and Young (EY), Grant Thornton, RSM and BDO USA.

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Accounting Career Path

timeline start

Entry level (Budget Analyst)

Worked Here: January 2000 to January 2003

Bachelor's Degree in Accounting

University of Texas at Austin
Start Date: January 1996 | Graduated: May 2000

Mid (Financial Analysts)

Worked Here: January 2003 to January 2006

Senior (Management Analyst)

Worked Here: January 2006 to January 2010

Director of Finance

Started Job: January 2010 (Currently Work Here)
timeline end
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