Nathan Wheeler

Chief Marketing Officer

Management & Business > Chief Marketing Officer | Expected Salary: $50,000
Some Industry Advice

My best advice for someone entering the marketing industry is to have an area or preferably multiple areas of specialty. For example, a company looking to hire a marketing specialist will be attracted to an individual with a strong understanding of digital marketing, and also one that has experience with specialties like graphic design, social media, search engine optimization, and analytics.

Nathan Wheeler

timeline start

Marine Corps Infantry

Worked Here: January 2004 to January 2008

Bachelor's Degree in General

Edinboro University
Start Date: March 2008 | Graduated: April 2010

Graduate or Professional Degree in International Business

Alliant University San Diego
Start Date: January 2010 | Graduated: January 2012

Freelance Marketer

Self Employed
Worked Here: January 2012 to January 2013

Owner weCreate Website Design - Chief Marketing Officer

weCreate Website Design
Started Job: January 2014 (Currently Work Here)
timeline end
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