Sandra Asoro - Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Engineering & Architecture > Electrical Engineer | Expected Salary: $80,000
| Current Salary: $80,000
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There are numerous avenues one can venture into with an engineering degree. The beautiful aspect of engineering is knowing that we are influenced by it daily--– the ability to communicate via phone, the medical devices we rely on, the innovative vehicles we drive & so much more! For those interested in venturing in engineering, begin thinking "outside of the box". Take on challenges that require analytical & problem-solving skills. Lastly, obtain internships/co-ops to gain real-world experience.

*Editor's Note
According to an MIT news report, only 13% of women are engineers in the workforce.
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Sandra Asoro - Engineer

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System Analyst Intern

Worked Here: May 2012 to August 2013

Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering

Southern Polytechnic State University
Start Date: August 2009 | Graduated: May 2013

Sr. Specialist- Network Design Engineer

Started Job: July 2013 (Currently Work Here)
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