Mopelola Oluwadare - Microbiologist


Science & Biotech > Microbiologist | Expected Salary: $80,000
Some Industry Advice

If you are really into microbiology , I would recommend going into the food manufacturing industry. You are able to utilize core principles you've learned to provide unique solutions to microbiological problems that tends to come up during the production process. Recent graduates, don't be discourage if the entry level pay you are offered doesn't match up with the all "nighters" you pulled for your biochemistry, organic chem finals. The pay jumps significantly after your first Job!

Mopelola Oluwadare

Mopelola Oluwadare - Microbiologist

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Bachelor's Degree in Microbiology

University of Georgia
Start Date: August 2004 | Graduated: May 2009

Microbiologist QA Analyst I

Novartis Consumer Health
Worked Here: November 2012 to February 2014

Graduate or Professional Degree in Veterinary & Biomedical Sci

University of Georgia
Start Date: August 2009 | Graduated: May 2013

QA Supervisor

Abengoa Bioenergy
Worked Here: February 2014 to July 2016

Microbiology Lab / Food Safety, Mgr

Ainsworth Pets Nutrition
Started Job: July 2016 (Currently Work Here)
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