Abimbola Agbaere (Pharm.D)


Healthcare & Medical > Pharmacist | Expected Salary: $95,000
| Current Salary: $95,000
Some Industry Advice

Three (3) routes into pharmacy school:
1) Apply directly to 6-year pharmacy program after high school
2) Complete an associate degree then apply to a pharmacy school that accepts the associate's degree
3) Complete bachelors in science and apply to pharmacy school

Working as a Pharmacy tech/intern while in school will help with exposure and experience
If you plan to do residency:
Networking, attending professional conferences and developing relationships with professors and other pharmacy professionals is highly recommended.

*Editor's Note
Dr. Abimbola Agbaere's PCAT score was in the 20th Percentile!
Congratulations Abby on your career achievements so far. Shine on!

Abimbola Agbaere (Pharm.D)

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Bachelor's Degree in Biological Science

University of Georgia
Start Date: August 2006 | Graduated: May 2010

Graduate or Professional Degree in Doctorate in Pharmacy

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Start Date: September 2011 | Graduated: May 2015


Pyramid Discount Pharmacy
Started Job: January 2016 (Currently Work Here)
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