Everyone copes with stress in different ways. You start to develop ways to cope with difficult or an undesirable situation when you’re very young. Scientists estimate this to be as little as six months old. Stress is a big problem, 1 in 4 Americans reported dealing with a significant stress every month. You’ve been solving problems all your life and if it’s by positive means, you live a much healthier life. A positive mean is when you reduce stress without the addition of a harmful side effect. We want to take a moment to discuss the two most common ways women manage stress.


Dealing with Stress – The Short-term Strategist


One-way women deal with stress is by taking charge of their problems. These women do not spend a lot of time worrying about the problem. They know that worry turns into anxiety and prolonged anxiety isn’t going to help fix the problem. Short-term strategist don’t spend endless hours imagining nightmare scenarios over and over again. They are action-oriented and driven. Plus, these women seek out the root of the problem and won’t stop until it’s dealt with. For example, suppose the source of a current frustration is a difficult coworker at work. You decide to have an honest, heartfelt conversation with the co-worker. This step could shed some light on why you both feel the way you do and what a resolution looks like. If that doesn’t work or the conflict is beyond a conversation, you might redirect your energy. Then limit interaction with the coworker to when you must. By limiting your interactions, you accept the fact. Not all co-workers could be best friends. Women that deal with stress quickly are often unwilling to drag things out because they want to move on.

 Dealing with Stress – The Long-term Strategist

In this approach, some women tend to take things slow when it comes to dealing with stress. They allow themselves to feel and understand the full weight of the problem. Understanding the problem helps them develop a permanent fix. These women believe that every single problem has many causes attached to it. Their investigative, curious nature leads them to find solutions to complex issues. As soon as they’re aware of a stressful situation, the first thing they do is to decide one thing. What’s in their control or power to change. Second, they take an introspective approach. Looking at their behavior to see if they could address the problem differently. They are in tune with their emotional and vulnerable side. This means they’re usually great at figuring out clear paths to conflict resolution. Using the same example of a common stressor – difficult coworkers. A long-term strategist would address it by asking a series of thoughtful questions.


Is it worth it to devote a large amount of time to resolve this conflict with the co-worker?

What do I want to get out of a resolution? Friendship? Cordiality? Trust?

There are many ways of coping with difficult situations. We’ve talked about two approaches women generally take to manage stress. Others might even use both short and long-term strategies depending on the situation. Are you struggling with managing your stress? Try these methods and see which one works best for you.

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