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At MyJobShine, we are committed to the advancement of American immigrants in the workplace and ensuring that they get the career moves they deserve. With a personalized MyCareer Insights, we help you highlight the gap between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. It’s high time you got the advice you need to get your American dream job without wasting your time or money.

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Why Get MyCareer Insights?

Prepare Yourself

Our personalized MyCareer Insights not only indicates how good of a match your current skills and your dream job requirements are, it also highlights what the hiring manager is looking for. This ensures that you know the likelihood of getting hired and that you are best prepared for your interview and anything else that comes your way.

Know Your Worth

While MyCareer Insights sets you on your way towards achieving your career goal, it also helps you, in simple terms, know your true worth. Our Insights helps you achieve a fair salary for your region, by knowing how much to ask for, based on industry standards, and how much more or less you can expect from the role of interest.

Save Time

While most spend years figuring out how to execute their career plans and get their dream job in the States, with MyCareer Insights, we help you save precious time with affordable career advice that works. We do all the research for you, providing a clear path to career success in America, without the long counseling sessions required by other services.

Achieve Your Career Goals

More often than not, you are qualified for that next big job, but you may be lacking a unique characteristic that makes you the ideal candidate. How do you identify precisely what you need to get that American dream job? With MyCareer Insights, you’ll identify what qualifies you and what might be missing so you can make adequate consolidations or adjustments to meet the requirements and finally get that big break.

MyCareer Insights Includes:

Finally, advice that takes you to your dream job without wasting your time and money.

Predictor 1

Hard Skills

predictor explanation

This predictor shows your strong points. We succinctly highlight what sets you apart and stand you out from the clichéd crowd. Once distinctly apart, you become the cream of the crop and can play a strong hand when negotiating your salary.

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MyCareer Path Insights Includes:

  • Dream Job Analysis

    Getting that dream job just got easier. In MyCareer Path Insights, we unlock the secrets and requirements of your dream job, so you can know what the hiring manager wants. With a detailed analysis of how to bag your dream job, you’d have the help you need to be competitive and successful.

  • Resume Study

    We are fully committed to your career success. As such, we work hard to discover your career story and remain passionate about presenting it the best possible way to fully catch the attention of the hiring manager. This adequately makes the road to your dream job an easier and smarter one.

  • Gap Analysis

    To achieve your career goals and make it in the States, you need to realize the difference between your current position and your dream job. In your personalized MyCareer Insights, we analyze this difference, helping you highlight and recognize the gap you need to breach, while uncovering your full potential.

    gap analysis
  • Core Competencies

    You are closer than you think to having a dream job waiting for you in the U.S. With your personalized MyCareer Insights, we show you exactly how close you are to nailing that dream job and achieving your career goals. Get the extra motivation to pursue your dream career today.

    core competencies

Dream Job Analysis

Getting that American dream job just got easier. In MyCareer Insights, we unlock the secrets and requirements of your dream job, so you can know what the hiring manager wants. With a detailed analysis of how to bag your dream job, you’ll have the tools to make you competitive and successful.

Resume Study

We are fully committed to your career success. As such, we work hard to discover your career story and keep our sights on helping you present it in the best possible way to fully catch the attention of the hiring manager. This adequately makes the road to your American dream job an easier and smarter one.

In Addition, You Get:

  • Predictor 2 (Right Fit): What makes you the perfect candidate? We help you discover that special quality that sets you apart with this predictor. We call it your secret sauce, and it is high time you knew what attracts you to hiring managers and leverage it to secure your dream job.
  • Predictor 3 (Right Pay): Could you earn more money than you currently earn? With the Right Pay predictor, we evaluate your worth and help you realize how much more you are due. Now, you can finally negotiate your salary with solid industry pay standard that truly represents your value.
  • Predictor 4 (Right Skills): Successful employees solve problems. The Right Skills predictor highlights your problem-solving skills and where you best provide required solutions. Announce yourself to the hiring manager now.
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Ready To Get Your Personalized Career Advice

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How to Get Started

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Choose how you want your report to look
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Upload your resume and dream job posting link
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Submit and payment options
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Receive four multi-layered, dynamic predictors designed to see you as a whole
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Your Dream Job Awaits, Let’s Help You Get It

MyCareer Path Insights Options

Choose how you want to receive your career report below, and begin your journey towards career fulfillment.

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Example Insights

Get Yours Today

How Can We Assist In Making Your Career Thrive In The U.S?

  • Delivering powerful Resume and Cover Letter Improvement services that get you the results you’re after!
  • Assisting you in making your resume and cover letter perfect and marketing to American employers with efficient advice that works.
  • Improving your current resume and cover letter strategy to make it more appealing and effective in the U.S.
  • Improving employer’s first impression of your resume and cover letter.
  • Increasing employer response.

We achieve this by delivering an impeccably organized, professional, quality resume and cover letter strategy that efficiently pinpoints the root cause of your lack of job opportunities, understands WHY they’re happening and provides quick, EFFICIENT Solutions.

Whether you need tweaking to your current resume or development of a new resume – We have the perfect solution for your needs!

Why choose MyJobShine to assist you with your Resume and Cover letter improvement endeavors?

Because we take pride in giving advice that is based on facts from expert studies.

Because we are reliable, trustworthy, highly professional and relentlessly dedicated to your success! We also have personal experience attaining highly competitive, gainful employment in the U.S.

We’ll carefully analyze the problems you are facing and provide powerful solutions.

No cookie cutter solutions, no wasting of your valuable time.

Enjoy integrity, quality and efficiency delivered utilizing a real Career Coach with firsthand experience navigating the U.S. job market.

Contact us for a free, zero-obligation consultation NOW.

Tell us about your career and where you plan to take it in the States and we’ll tell you how we can help you make both thrive!

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Social Media Management

Let Us Ask You a Question:

With 89% of your potential employers browsing your social media profiles, can you afford to have anything other than a strong one that presents you in the best way possible?

The marketplace is ever-evolving and becoming more complex. In fact, most companies now have their own LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages. Onsite interviews take up time and companies need to figure out whom to invite from the thousands of applications they receive for their high-quality positions.

So, What Do They Do Instead?

Look for the most important indicators that show how serious you are.

If you’re looking to maximize your potential while positioning yourself to outperform the competition – look no further. We’re here to help you set yourself apart with a strong professional social media presence that lets you focus on what you do best – preparing for your interview.

If you’re feeling like it’s time to finally take your career to a whole new level and bring it to the position it deserves while successfully competing with, and outperforming, the bigger portfolios – you’re in the right place.

Our Social Media Impression Management Strategy will provide you a whole new level of results through strategically designed concepts proven to get results. Best of all, with our help, you can watch your career opportunities expand beyond anything you ever expected.

Who Could Benefit Most From This Service?

Impression Management is a collaborative effort between you and your career coach. We focus on building the right connections through social media. Contact us today for a free, zero-obligation consultation. Our experts are ready to answer any questions you may have and tell you everything you need to know to help make your social media presence an indispensable professional asset.

I look forward to hearing from you.