Women make up a large part of the workforce. There is still room for policies that help more women into better positions. For now, there are a few things you can do to get the top level managerial jobs as your male counterparts. Many women are often overlooked for promotions or a well-deserved pay-raise. With no way of knowing what they could do to improve their chances in the future.

Ask for Performance Feedback

Most employees are afraid to ask their boss for feedback. They fear negative comments or harsh criticism is what they will get in return. But, feedback isn’t always negative. It’s possible that you are doing better at your job than you or your boss realizes. If your boss has ignored your performance, reminding them to give feedback is a good thing. It will help your boss see how good you have been doing lately and it will show that your job is important to you. Make it a habit to ask for feedback. Even when you do receive negative feedback about your performance, it’s not the end of the world. Negative (constructive) feedback is career development gold. Why? Negative (constructive) feedback highlights your area of opportunity. It shows you what you could do better so that you continue to be the subject matter expert in your field. At best, it lets you know why you were not considered for the desired promotion and how to win the second time around. Ask for the feedback, improve the areas that need work and then ask your boss for another review after a while.

Take Initiatives

Many women don’t get leadership roles at work because they don’t step up and volunteer to lead projects. Projects at work are a great way for management to assess your leadership ability. Management usually keeps an eye on people who volunteer to lead teams. The next time an opportunity for a project opens up, step forward and let your bosses know that you can lead. Another way of taking initiatives is to point out an area that needs improvement. Present solutions you think would best solve the problem.

Remain Positive

If you are doing your best and still get passed up for a promotion, don’t let that affect your morale or performance. Sometimes, what you need is a positive, determined attitude. You never know when a new opportunity can arise, at your existing workplace or a completely new one. Stay positive, offer to take more responsibility, and strengthen your weaknesses. Be sure to remind your boss how hard you’ve been working by asking for a performance review. You will see an increase in the pace of your career development and get ahead in no time.

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